Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Adastria Group operates approximately 1,300 stores in Japan and around the world. The goal of our business is to make customers live in their own unique way through fashion. To make this happen, our first mission is to provide good products with good service. We feel that a relationship of trust with all of the stakeholders who support us is very important. In order to build this favorable relationship, we strive to carry out all the processes from manufacturing to product delivery in a socially responsible way.

Also, to contribute the development of a healthy society, our company is involved with corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, utilizing our management resources for this purpose. In consideration for relevance to our core business, we have set three major themes for project involvement.

  1. 1.Protect the Environment
  2. 2.Make People Shine
  3. 3.Contribute to Communities

A large number of employees at the Adastria Group participate in CSR projects. The Group will promote these projects as one for a sustainable society.