Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Contribute to Communities

Developing and marketing products requires interaction with local communities in regions inside and outside Japan. We’re maintaining various support projects to vitalize regional communities and contribute to ongoing development.

  • Tohoku Cotton Project

    Tohoku Cotton Project” supports farmers in Tohoku where impacted areas stricken by the earthquake in 2011. About 80 organizations and companies joined this project to work for the regrowth of farming, job creation, and new industry. We have participated in this project and worked voluntarily to plant, thin, and harvest cottons. Also we continuously sell products used the cotton in LOWRYS FARM from 2013.

  • Orgabits + Sakura Trees Project

    We have supported “Sakura Namiki Network” since 2014 spring via Orgabits organized by Toyoshima & Co., Ltd. We sold products included donation (10 JPY) for this organization at all stores in Japan and web stores of niko and … and studio CLIP. By the donation result from last year, we planted 12 Sakura trees in Jusanhama, Ishinomaki city this year.

  • Contribute to Mito, the place of our foundation

    Our Company has been donating for a long time to the contemporary art complex "Art Tower Mito". We have also been co-sponsoring "Mito Chamber Orchestra", which is exclusively under Art Tower Mito.